Tunnelplasty vs Traditional

Comparing the Procedures

For most patients, surgery is the only option that will provide permanent relief of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Surgery is generally recommended if symptoms last for 6 months.

The two traditional surgical procedures that are most currently used today are called “Open Carpal Tunnel Release” and “Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel Release.”  These techniques have several things in common:

  1. Palm or wrist incision(s)
  2. Cutting of the transverse carpal ligament

Most surgeons historically have performed the open procedure. This procedure consists of making an incision up to 2 inches in the palm and wrist and then cutting the transverse carpal ligament to enlarge the carpal tunnel.

Historically since the 1990s, the endoscopic carpal tunnel release procedure for carpal tunnel syndrome has gained in popularity among surgeons and their patients. The endoscopic carpal tunnel release is less invasive with smaller incisions and typically has a faster functional recovery and less postoperative discomfort than open release surgery. The surgeon makes either one or two incisions (about ½” each) in the wrist and palm, then inserts hard metal dilators and a rasp into the carpal tunnel between the transverse carpal ligament and the compressed median to increase space for a camera that is passed through a cannula to observe the transverse ligament on a TV screen and then cuts the carpal ligament . Endoscopic surgery is effective at reducing scarring and palm tenderness compared to open carpal tunnel release.

Reference: National Institute of Health

The Balloon Carpal Tunnelplasty procedure improves endoscopic carpal tunnel release access and efficiency with high patient satisfaction.


State-of-the-Art Minimally Invasive
Procedure for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome


Balloon Carpal Tunnelplasty

Balloon Carpal Tunnelpasty is a minimally invasive technique that is performed under local anesthetic with optional sedation. It is an improvement over standard endoscopic carpal tunnel procedures in that it uses minimally invasive balloon technology to avoid hard metal dilators and rasps to elevate and expand the carpal tunnel for improved access to the carpal tunnel.

Balloon Carpal Tunnelplasty is setting the new standard for minimally invasive surgical solutions to carpal tunnel syndrome.


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